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Zach Britton Demonstrates his Sinker Grip

Zach Britton has been filthy this season. The Orioles’ closer hadn’t allowed a single earned run since April until Wednesday night. The streak spanned nearly four months. Over 43 appearances, the left-hander struck out 48 batters and allowed just 33 runners to reach base. Britton’s success isn’t surprising when you see his arsenal of pitches, especially his devastating sinker. He recently joined the MASN Orioles broadcast to discuss his sinker grip and how he attempts to get it to both dive away and cut in. Video is below.

Here’s Britton’s sinker in action:



Trevor Bauer on Controlling his Sinker’s Movement

Trevor Bauer’s sinker has had some of the best horizontal movement of his career this season and it’s been a highly effective pitch against lefties. This excellent article from Fangraphs highlights that further and features a video of Bauer explaining how he manages the pitch’s movement. It involves drawing two large black circles on each side of the ball. The video is below.