Jonathan Lucroy’s Influence on the Rangers

Jonathan Lucroy’s influence on the Texas Rangers has gone beyond his offensive production as a catcher. The Rangers, who acquired Lucroy at the Deadline via trade, were desperately seeking pitching to bolster their staff. When no favorable options appeared, they turned to Lucroy, who they figured would help their current pitchers with his superb ability to call games. That has been the case, as highlighted by this article from Shannon Drayer. The importance of having a quality catcher behind the plate can never be overstated. And it often involves more than what you see in the individual’s box score.

“This is a guy who has a great reputation as a pitch framer, a great reputation for temperament behind the plate, for having control of the game, and just in watching a month of Jonathan Lucroy doing prep for games, I’ve been blown away,” Grant said. “How much he puts into it, how hard he studies, this is a guy who doesn’t waste effort.

He spends the right amount of time doing the things he needs to do to get this team very ready and he’s been an offensive plus at the plate.”


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